Impact of the Flat Seam Ball

NCAA baseball and all collegiate baseball have switched from the raised seam ball to flat seam ball this year and it defiantly has made a huge impact. The biggest statistical change from 2014 to 2015 is the 40 percent increase in home runs. This increase is dramatic because the flat seamed baseballs have a lot more flight when it is hit from the bat. The batting average hasn’t risen much from 2014 but the strike outs have defiantly increased. The strike outs have increased because the pitchers have a better grip on the ball with flat seamed baseballs compared to the raised seamed baseballs especially for fastballs but pitchers have might find it difficult to have control and command of the off speed pitches.  I have been playing baseball for a long time and as an outfielder i have noticed the flat seamed baseballs carry a lot more when your are trying to track down a baseball.  As you can see in this photo everything has increased a little bit due to the flat seamed baseballs, which will put a lot more pressure on the defense rather than offense. I like impact of the flat seam ball because  the excitement of the game and what brings more excitement to college baseball games than home runs?


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