ESPN Adds Live Strike Zone- No One Likes It

Strike zone

ESPN is doing a new thing this year by adding the strike zone on every single pitch. How do fans feel about that? No one likes it at all. When I first saw this on opening night the first thing I thought of was the umpires are going to get criticized a lot more. They sure did, any pitch that that went outside of the box myself along with everyone else was getting upset. These umpires have a tough job and they are very good at what they do. So why put them under more pressure by putting this box on the screen? No reason at all, the MLB should go back to the old ways of putting the box up there on replay on a very close pitch.

I am a huge fan of Chicago Cubs and they were playing rivals St. Louis Cardinals on opening night as you can see on my picture. It wasn’t a good night for the Cubs at all and it wasn’t because of the umpires. But every single pitch that was outside of the box which happened at least 10 times it was very upsetting as a fan, especially when the call went against your team.

I bet by the end of the year ESPN will get rid of this box because of all the publicity it got from the first game of the season. I hope they do it sooner than later tho. GoCubsGo


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