ESPN Adds Live Strike Zone- No One Likes It

Strike zone

ESPN is doing a new thing this year by adding the strike zone on every single pitch. How do fans feel about that? No one likes it at all. When I first saw this on opening night the first thing I thought of was the umpires are going to get criticized a lot more. They sure did, any pitch that that went outside of the box myself along with everyone else was getting upset. These umpires have a tough job and they are very good at what they do. So why put them under more pressure by putting this box on the screen? No reason at all, the MLB should go back to the old ways of putting the box up there on replay on a very close pitch.

I am a huge fan of Chicago Cubs and they were playing rivals St. Louis Cardinals on opening night as you can see on my picture. It wasn’t a good night for the Cubs at all and it wasn’t because of the umpires. But every single pitch that was outside of the box which happened at least 10 times it was very upsetting as a fan, especially when the call went against your team.

I bet by the end of the year ESPN will get rid of this box because of all the publicity it got from the first game of the season. I hope they do it sooner than later tho. GoCubsGo


Impact of the Flat Seam Ball

NCAA baseball and all collegiate baseball have switched from the raised seam ball to flat seam ball this year and it defiantly has made a huge impact. The biggest statistical change from 2014 to 2015 is the 40 percent increase in home runs. This increase is dramatic because the flat seamed baseballs have a lot more flight when it is hit from the bat. The batting average hasn’t risen much from 2014 but the strike outs have defiantly increased. The strike outs have increased because the pitchers have a better grip on the ball with flat seamed baseballs compared to the raised seamed baseballs especially for fastballs but pitchers have might find it difficult to have control and command of the off speed pitches.  I have been playing baseball for a long time and as an outfielder i have noticed the flat seamed baseballs carry a lot more when your are trying to track down a baseball.  As you can see in this photo everything has increased a little bit due to the flat seamed baseballs, which will put a lot more pressure on the defense rather than offense. I like impact of the flat seam ball because  the excitement of the game and what brings more excitement to college baseball games than home runs?

Is 2015 the year for the Cubs?

After every year the Chicago Cubs don’t make the playoffs and have terrible record, fans still believes the next year will be the year. That’s been going on for 107 years. Since 1908 the last time the Cubs won the World Series, and 1945 the last time the Cubs made it to the World Series. 1908 will haunt Cubs fans for the rest of their lives if they don’t win a World Series anytime soon.

In my lifetime 2004 is the year that will haunt me for the rest of my life if the Cubs don’t win a World Series. One game a way from winning the Pennant and making it to the World Series and Steve Bartman happened. Interferes with left fielder Moses Alou and what should’ve been an out turns into losing the game and the series. I can still picture myself sitting in the living room, watching this play happen and instantly going down on my knees and start bawling. I will never forget that day as a fan, but like all Cubs fans say, “Next year is the year”.


Quality at Bat

Three Ways of Having a Quality At Bat (QAB’s) As a baseball player hitting of the hardest things to do in baseball. It’s all about hitting with confidence and putting together at bats as a team to be successful. One of main challenges of hitting is being in control of yourself when your up bat while every one at the ballpark watches you. When your coach tells you to have “discipline” he is basically telling you to be in control of yourself to see the ball and make a decision whether you swing or not. To play the game one pitch at a time and having QAB’s is having a plan on each pitch. If you know what you are going to do before stepping into the batters box the chances of having a QAB increase. Your plan may simply be “hit the ball”, “see the ball”, or “stay back”. Another key to a QAB is trust. The hitter only has one second to make a sound decision on whether or not to swing. If you don’t trust yourself as a hitter you will never be successful as a hitter.

Competitive Mindset

Competition is one of the greatest attributes to being a successful person whether it involves sports or competing in a work place. Everyone wants to be the best at what they do and if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. You beat the best by work ethic and effort you put into your specific job. Robert Tyre Jones Jr. an amateur golfer states, “I always thought competition was about beating someone. I finally realized that someone was ME” You have to focus on your own ability rather than your opponent. If you have the right mindset before the competition, you have a greater chance at being successful and reaching your goals. Here are some competitive mindsets that are very important to acknowledge.

  • Have a relentless commitment to sound routines
    • -Find a routine that you do throughout the day and stick to it every single day
  • -Have a strong will to win
    • -Believe in yourself that you can win before you start the competition
  • -Cherish challenges and challengers
    • Look forward to challenges and the competition between the challengers
  • -Have a tendency toward abundance rather than scarcity
    • -Don’t ever be scared of failure
  • Use discipline to control and direct emotion
    • -Have a controlled positive behavior
  • Resilience –quick recovery from adversity
    • -If you get down on yourself, find a way to pick yourself back up and move forward