Competitive Mindset

Competition is one of the greatest attributes to being a successful person whether it involves sports or competing in a work place. Everyone wants to be the best at what they do and if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. You beat the best by work ethic and effort you put into your specific job. Robert Tyre Jones Jr. an amateur golfer states, “I always thought competition was about beating someone. I finally realized that someone was ME” You have to focus on your own ability rather than your opponent. If you have the right mindset before the competition, you have a greater chance at being successful and reaching your goals. Here are some competitive mindsets that are very important to acknowledge.

  • Have a relentless commitment to sound routines
    • -Find a routine that you do throughout the day and stick to it every single day
  • -Have a strong will to win
    • -Believe in yourself that you can win before you start the competition
  • -Cherish challenges and challengers
    • Look forward to challenges and the competition between the challengers
  • -Have a tendency toward abundance rather than scarcity
    • -Don’t ever be scared of failure
  • Use discipline to control and direct emotion
    • -Have a controlled positive behavior
  • Resilience –quick recovery from adversity
    • -If you get down on yourself, find a way to pick yourself back up and move forward

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